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Heat Scale

Fact File - The Scoville Heat Scale
The Scoville scale is a measure of the 'hotness' of a chilli pepper or anything derived from chilli peppers, i.e. hot sauce. The scale is named after Wilbur Scoville who developed the test in 1912, for more information seeMeasuring Chilli Heat.
Scoville Heat UnitsChilli Pepper / Hot Sauce
16,000,000Pure capsaicin and Dihydrocapsaicin
16,000,000Blair's 16 Million Reserve, from Gardner Resources, Inc.
16,000,000Blair's 6 A.M., from Gardner Resources, Inc.
13,500,000Blair's 2005 Halloween Reserve from Gardner Resources Inc.
8,600,000Homodihydrocapsaicin and Homocapsaicin
7,100,000The Source, from Original Juan Specialty Foods
5,500,000Blair's 5 A.M., from Gardner Resources Inc. - No Longer available
5,300,000Police grade Pepper spray
4,000,000Mad Dog 44 Magnum Pepper Extract, from Ashley Food Company, Inc.
4,000,000Blair's 4 A.M., from Gardner Resources Inc. - No Longer available
2,000,000Common Pepper spray
1,500,000 - 2,000,000Blair's 3 A.M., from Gardner Resources Inc.
1,500,000Da' Bomb The Final Answer, from Original Juan Specialty Food
1,100,000Blair's Jersey Death from Gardner Resources Inc.
1,001,304Naga-Bih Jolokia pepper
1,000,000Cool Million Pepper Extract, from the Poison Pepper Co.
1,000,0001 Million Scoville Pepper Extract, from Ashley Food Company, Inc.
923,000The Dorset Naga Pepper, from Peppers by Post
855,000 (reported)The Naga Jolokia pepper (Capsicum frutescens), not confirmed
800,000Satan's Blood, from Sauce Crafters Inc.
700,000The Slap Heard Around the World, from Tiguana Flats
600,000 - 900,000Blair's 2 A.M., from Gardner Resources, Inc.
600,000Mad Dog 357 with Bullet Keychain, from Ashley Food Company
550,000Blair's Mega Death Sauce, from Gardner Resources, Inc.
500,000 - 750,000Dave's Insanity Private Reserve, from Dave's Gourmet (estimated)
500,000Pure Cap, from Garden Row Foods
400,000 - 500,000Spontaneous Combustion Powder, from Southwest Specialty Foods Inc.
357,000Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce, from Ashley Food Company
350,000 - 577,000Red Savina habanero (Capsicum chinense Jacquin)
350,000Marie Sharp's Belizian Heat, from Marie Sharp's Fine Foods, Ltd.
283,000Blair's Possible Side Effects, from Gardner Resources, Inc.
250,000Vicious Viper, from CaJohns Fiery Foods
250,000Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce, from Dave's Gourmet (estimated)
234,000Da' Bomb Ground Zero, from Original Juan Specialty Foods
225,000You can't Handle this Hot Sauce, from Peppers
225,000Not Cool Chocolate Habanero from Bahama Specialty Foods, Inc.
180,000Dave's Insanity Sauce, from Dave's Gourmet (estimated)
175,000Predator Great White Shark, from Peppers
150,000Mad Dog Inferno Reserve, from Ashley Food Company
125,000Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas, from Crazy Jerry's, Inc.
119,700Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity, from Original Juan Specialty Food
100,000 - 350,000Habanero (Capsicum chinense Jacquin)
100,000 - 325,000Scotch bonnet (Capsicum chinense)
100,000 - 225,000Birds Eye pepper
100,000 - 200,000Jamaican Hot pepper
100,000 - 125,000Carolina Cayenne pepper
95,000 - 110,000Bahamian pepper
90,000Mad Dog Inferno, from Ashley Food Company
85,000 - 115,000Tabiche pepper
75,000 - 80,000Red Amazon Pepper
75,000Chile-Today Red Amazon Powder, from Chile Today-Hot Tamale
50,000 - 100,000Thai pepper (Capsicum annuum)
50,000 - 100,000Chiltepin pepper
49,250Blair's After Death Sauce, from Gardner Resources, Inc.
40,000 - 58,000Piquin pepper
40,000 - 50,000Super Chile pepper
40,000 - 50,000Santaka pepper
33,390Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce, from Garden Row Foods
30,000 - 49,999Lottie's Original Barbados Red Hot, from Lottie's Island Flavours
30,000 - 50,000Cayenne pepper (Capsicum baccatum and Capsicum frutescens)
30,000 - 50,000Tabasco pepper (Capsicum frutescens)
15,000 - 30,000de Arbol pepper
15,000 - 29,999Lottie's Traditional Barbados Yellow, from Lottie's Island Flavours
12,000 - 30,000Manzano pepper
11,600El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero, from El Yucateco Salsas Y Condimentos S.A. de C.V.
11,000Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage, from Crazy Jerry's, Inc.
8,910El Yucateco Green Chile Habanero, from El Yucateco Salsas Y Condimentos S.A. de C.V.
7,000 - 8,000TABASCO® brand Habanero Pepper Sauce, from McIlhenny Company
6,000 - 23,000Serrano pepper
5,790El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero, from El Yucateco Salsas Y Condimentos S.A. de C.V.
5,000 - 10,000Hot Wax pepper
5,000 - 10,000Chipotle, a Jalapeño pepper that has been smoked.
3,600Cholula Hot Sauce, from Casa Cuervo S.A. de C.V.
3,400El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce, from El Yucateco Salsas Y Condimentos S.A. de C.V.
2,500 - 8,000Santaka pepper
2,500 - 5,000Jalapeño (Capsicum annuum)
2,500 - 5,000Guajilla pepper
2,500 - 5,000Original TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce, from McIlhenny Company
2.085FRANK'S® REDHOT® XTRA Hot, from Reckitt Benckiser Inc.
1,500 - 2,500TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce, from McIlhenny Company
1,200 - 2,400TABASCO® brand Garlic Pepper Sauce, from McIlhenny Company
1,500 - 2,500Rocotilla pepper
1,000 - 2,000pasilla pepper
1,000 - 2,000Ancho pepper
1,000 - 2,000Poblano pepper
747Texas Pete®, from T.W. Garner Food Co.
700 - 1,000Coronado pepper
600 - 1,200TABASCO® brand Green Pepper Sauce, from McIlhenny Company
500 - 2,500Anaheim pepper
500 - 1,000New Mexico pepper
450FRANK'S® REDHOT® Original, from Reckitt Benckiser Inc.
400 - 700Santa Fe Grande pepper
100 - 1000Cubanelle Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
100 - 600TABASCO® brand SWEET & Spicy Pepper Sauce, from McIlhenny Company
100 - 500Pepperoncini, pepper (also known as Tuscan peppers, sweet Italian peppers, and golden Greek peppers.
100 - 500Pimento
0Sweet Bell pepper

What If You Eat an Entire Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili Pepper?

Life's Little Mysteries asked Paul Bosland, professor of horticulture at New Mexico State University and director of the Chile Pepper Institute. Bosland and colleagues recently identified the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion as hottest of all the varieties of Capsicum chinense peppers — the species that also includes the previous world record holder for hotness, Bhut Jolokia, as well as the closely related Trinidad Scorpion pepper.
Based on his descriptions, it's unclear which would be worse: Popping a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper in your mouth, or popping an actual scorpion in your mouth.
When you eat a reasonably spicy pepper, your mouth goes numb, Bosland said. That's a pain response. "What's happening is that your receptors in your mouth are sending a signal to your brain that there's pain, and it's in the form of hotness or heat, and so your brain produces endorphins to block that pain," he explained.
When you eat an unreasonably spicy Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, on the other hand, numbness doesn't cut it. Your body steps up its defense mechanisms by instantaneously inflating liquid-filled balloons of sorts inside your oral cavity. "You would typically get blistering in your mouth and your throat as you were swallowing," Bosland said. By putting these high-heat-capacity cushions (blisters) under the top layer of your skin, your body is attempting to absorb heat entering through that layer. "The body is sensing a burn, and it's sacrificing the top layer of cells to say, 'OK, they're going to die now to prevent letting the heat get farther into the body.'"
But in the case of Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, even blisters don't stop the burn. These peppers contain so much capsaicin that the chemical permeates the blisters and keeps activating receptors in the nerve endings underneath, causing ferocious burning sensations for 20 minutes or more, Bosland said.,What behavioral effect would this drawn-out torture have? As several YouTube videos attest, it makes even the most seasoned chili aficionados beg for their mommies. Pepper tasters end up vomiting, washing their mouths out with cheese whiz and shoving cheesecake up their noses. (Dairy products contain casein, a protein that surrounds and neutralizes the capsaicin compounds in chili peppers.)

New Title Holder!!

Butch T Scorpion pepper is a chili pepper that was formerly the most piquant pepper. It has been since replaced by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion as the world's hottest pepper, fromTrinidad and Tobago.[1] The pepper is a Capsicum chinense cultivar, derived from the Trinidad Scorpion, which is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.[2] It is named after Butch Taylor, the owner of Zydeco farms in Woodville/Crosby Mississippi & hot sauce company who is responsible for propagating the pepper's seeds.[3] The "scorpion" peppers are referred to as such because the pointed end of the pepper is said to resemble a scorpion's stinger.
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Worlds Hottest Chilli

 The hottest chilli is the Trinidad Scorpion "Butch T" which was grown by The Chilli Factory (Australia) and rated at 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) according to tests conducted by EML Consulting Services in Morisset, New South Wales, Australia, on 1 March 2011.
The chilli is of the Capsicum genus and a hybrid of the chinense and frutescens species.